Friday, 10 October 2008

Who Remembers The Dream of '82?

Good day for coverage of the single today with a full five minute piece on Reporting Scotland previewing the recording of the single and looking back at 1982. Great footage of the Scottish squad and those awesome haircuts and moustaches! And BA with that jacket and John Gordon Sinclair looking about fourteen! Those were the days. The days when we all fancied Gregory's Girl!

There was a wee snatch of Ayr Tartan Army and it made me realise watching some of the guys in that pub not having a clue what the words were that it's just as well we put the words up for the younger audience!

Do you remember where you were? It's a 9/11, JFK moment. We all remember where we were and what we screamed when Miller and Hansen assasinated each other on the right touchline and we exited another World Cup.

I was in Aviemore working at The Coylumbridge. I remembered missing the Brazil game instead preparing three hundred loaves of melba toast when some eejit came screaming through the kitchen saying that we'd gone one up and two loaves of aforementioned accompaniment were left to smoulder slowly under those enormous gas grills... I've still got a photo of me and Ronnie Young in Killie with one of those polaroid camera jobs celebrating with the New Zealand game in the background.

Great days indeed, pre college, paid accommodation, great guys from Greenock such as Joe and Archie; brothers Trevor and Graeme and a host of other Coylum Bears! The Russia game was in the Woodshed as usual - one of the worst things that ever happened to The Highlands - okay hyperbole - was its closure. Wooden hut, wooden floors, whisky barrel tables, half whisky barrel seats and just a riot almost every night of the week. Amazing place and well know to anyone who skied in Avimore in the 80s - there was always a promotional night on; I seem to remember Peter Stuyvesant? I definitely remember the Pernod Party nights. Every week. 50 p Pernod and Black and two days gut rot.

The days not only of We Have A Dream but Duran Duran, Human League, Spandau Ballet - but more impressively chart hits from AC/DC, Motorhead, Maiden...

Do you remember the Top Five when 'Dream' charted? You do? Sad git. I had to Google it... The single actually came out on May 1st for some reason and went to number five. But I can't actually find an offical chart anywhere. Best I can find is that Nicole and Madness both had number ones that May with A Little Peace and House of Fun. Rember I Won't Let You Down by PhD; Ebony and Ivory, Only You, Papa's Got A Brand New Pig or Goody Two Shoes? I think we should make the Ferry a 1982 zone tomorrow. Or should that be 1982 free zone.

Okay who's going to join me for a Pernod and Blackcurrant...

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