Monday, 13 October 2008

The We Have A Dream Choir...

Awesome. Absolutely awesome.
The game has and will be dissected from all other sources and the disappointment will remain for a while so this is looking at the positives - I mean a We Have A Dream site for Scotland fans will always have a certain spin on it won't it?
The Dream is alive - the only people who think we can't qualify are radio "journalists" with newspapers to sell. Some of the comments being made by some nameless individuals on Saturday evening were quite outrageous and don't merit national radio coverage.
Positive criticism is good, complete negativity and cheap point scoring does nothing but harm for those involved including the the radio stations that are giving them the air time.
The dream is still alive. We can play better, we can take our chances and we can qualify. Sure it's more difficult but when did Scotland ever do anything the easy way?

So the awesome refers to the Tartan Army and that amazing vocal performance at half time. Loch Lomond 2007 was loud but the passion and belief that came from that half time performance should be broadcast forever more in the dressing room five minutes before the players come out.
The track has been mixed with the vocal and the feedback from the studios is that it is simply unbelievable! That even those with no Scottish blood in them had the hairs on the back of the neck rising.
So just in case you weren't there or didn't hear it on Radio Scotland or Sportsound there's a little flavour from Hampden on the right hand side of the page...

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