Monday, 27 October 2008

The Gospel Truth Have A Dream...

When I went into the recording studio at CaVa in Glasgow a few weeks ago the first sound that greeted me was an amazing solo vocal of the last chorus of WHAD. Stunning it was too. Soon transpired that it was The Gospel Truth Choir.

The Gospel Truth Choir ( are a collective of talented Scottish vocalists who have become the "choir to have" in Scotland. Originally formed to perform as a surprise at a friends wedding, they are increasingly busy at a range of corporate events and wedding ceremonies. Led by Tracey Braithwaite (former backing vocalist with KT Tunstall and Horse), choir members include people like Tom Urie (Chewin' the Fat, the Karen Dunbar Show, Tutti Frutti stage show), Chris Judge (Lulu, Joe Walsh, Alex Harvey Band) and Madaleine Pritchard (The Commitments, Average White Band, Edwin Starr) in a line-up that goes from 8 members to "as many as you want".

The choir were delighted to be asked to join in with the "We Have a Dream" project for Children in Need - but it nearly didn't happen for them. "I read the original email as though it was a request to sing at a wedding ceremony - we do a lot of those - and responded accordingly" says their manager. "Fortunately BA's team were persistent and we realised quickly what the job was and signed up straight away !"

They play a major role in the new version giving an incredibly strong vocal feel to the song. They compliment the pipes and fiddle and if it was possible they make the song even more anthemic.

As a result of the recording they will also be performing We Have A Dream - amongst others - at the annual Awards Dinner for the Golf Tourism industry at Cameron House the night before they appear live on Children in Need. The dinner last year raised nearly £2000 when the Red Hot Chilli Pipers played live; this year The Gospel Truth will lead the guests in a rousing rendition of We Have A Dream...

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