Tuesday, 7 October 2008

On Track for Hampden

So as the Daily Record revealed this morning there are a whole host of stars who have already recorded their vocals for the new version of We Have A Dream amongst them Fred MacAulay, Chris Hoy, Ally McCoist, Dougray Scott Ashley Jensen, Elaine C Smith and Karen Dunbar. There's a list as long as your arm of others who are due into the studios over the next few days and it's all leading up to a wonderful collage of Scottish acts performing on the track - accompanying the Tartan Army of course!
The big surprise on the track so far must be Samuel L Jackson. Hardly a Scottish icon but forever associated with the kilt after his appearance as Elmo McElroy in The 51st State. Elmo arrives in Liverpool donning his kilt and carrying his golf clubs.
and although the film is never explicit about why he's wearing the kilt, Elmo's slave-name, McElroy, gives the best clue as he's heading for the McElroy castle to buy the land and so, make some kind of statement about property and birthright and reclaiming a sense of dignity from the system that oppressed his ancestors! If that's not enough to make him honorary Tartan Army what would be!
Anyway, the big man recorded his piece while golfing at St Andrews (again approriate I guess - does anyway know how he scored?) so thanks for your contribution Samuel and when you're back next year how about joining us for the Scottish Homecoming Golf Classics? We'd love to see you...

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