Friday, 24 October 2008

We Have An AC/DC Dream...

Okay with apologies for a minor hijacking of a We Have A Dream theme for Children in Need but having had to sit in front of my laptop in my hotel room last Friday morning typing "submit" for forty minutes I still remain more than a little narked off that the legendary AC/DC are not coming to Scotland (yet) on their 2009 World Tour.

Now I know their not everyone's cup ot tea (why the hell not?) but the connection with Scotland is legend. Bon Scott with his own memorial in Kirriemuir; Angus and Malcolm born in Glasgow and not a Scottish date on the Tour!

If You Want Blood - recorded at The Apollo Theatre Glasgow 1978 and not a Scottish Date on the Tour!

Necxt year is a celebration of Homecoming Scotland 2009; Scots coming back to their homeland; and not a Scottish Date on the Tour.
So here's the shout guys...We Have (another) Dream

April 30th 2009 - 31 years to the night after that recording at The Apollo.

The Tartan Army are inviting you to return for one last homecoming performance. A performance for your own, to celebrate, to recall to share...

AC/DC with the Tartan Army - Let There Be Rock...

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