Thursday, 26 March 2009

We Have A Dream Crowd Version

It would appear that The Tartan Army are selling singles again this week!

Following on from the release of We Have A Dream for Children in Need last November the single is again selling through iTunes and if sales pick up any more it could chart again!

The original single mix which featured a host of Scottish personalities did not win favour with The Tartan Army who had sung their hearts out at Hampden at the Norway match to provide backing vocals. As a result the organisers of the single managed to get a remix version put online shortly after the main release featuring BA Robertson on lead vocal and 52,000 Tartan Army providing an amazing background vocal.

Ian McCaig, who was behind the single and the previous year's Top Ten hit with Runrig was not too surprised at the sales of the single, "We were all a bit disappointed with the way the CD single came across and it didn't really feature the crowd the way it should have. However when we first heard the remix - The Hampden Roar Version - we knew straight away that it would have sold even more than Loch Lomond had it been the main release."

The single has been played on all week and has lead to hundreds of downloads from iTunes in the past couple of days.

"It's a bit crazy but there is a serious chance that if the supporters keep buying We Have A Dream before the match on Saturday that it could hit the UK charts again!!"

You can buy the Hampden Roar download version from iTunes

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